Friday, October 24, 2014

#426...happy 40 tyler

Tyler turned 40 last Friday, and we had a big backyard party to celebrate. My sister Sarah created a website invite for his party, as well as a venue logo for our yard. 
For the party we turned our pottery cabana into a craft cocktail bar, and created a menu of food and drinks.

We created a dining area in a large part of our yard. Tyler made several long farm style tables out of the wood he saved from our old loft staircase (seen here).

 We also set up a living room lounge area at the back part of our yard.
We added a bocce ball court, ping-pong table and giant jenga game to 
The Backyard.

Tyler made a lighted game-on sign out of recycled materials and some vintage sign letters that I purchased on e-bay. (I painted the scrabble letter "M"). 

He also made the below hanging sputnik lamp for the dining area out of plumbing and electrical parts.

thanks Julie and Kelly for the photos

Sunday, October 5, 2014

#425...scrap wood bench

Where did September go? I was altogether not crafty, but Tyler on the other hand created this bench. I told him that he needed to purge some of the millions of small scrap wood pieces he has, and this is how he got rid of them.
He started with an old base to a bedside table that he'd previously taken apart.
 He started artistically stacking his scraps and securing them down.
When he finished stacking it to the height he wanted, I covered a piece of foam and plywood with a remnant of navy vinyl, and he attached it to the bench by tufting the top with washers and screws.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

#424...giant jenga table

We needed a playing surface for our giant Jenga blocks, and found this old work table base that has been weathering outside for a decade. It's pretty sturdy and good standing table height.
We cut an old piece of plywood to fit the top of it,
 and I painted it white with Kilz primer.

To give some character to the top of the table, I taped off some diagonal stripes with painter's tape,
 and painted the stripes with a smoke gray enamel by Rustoleum.

Game On!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#423...recessed can pendant light

We have a covered patio at the back of our yard that I've never shared any photos of. The space is behind our garage and below our loft. The reason that I've never shared any pictures of this space is that it is a veritable junk pile of tools and left-over materials from our home projects. We've decided to turn the space into an outdoor game room. We've got a lot of work to do out there, so of course we started with the simplest project of transforming the recessed cans into some pendants with more personality.
Ordinary can lights

Outlet-to-socket Connector

Foto light from Ikea

We wrapped the excess cord into a ball and zip tied it to keep it in place.
Once the space is finished, I'm hoping the pendants will help add some character to our outdoor room.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#422...summer travel

I've had a travel filled summer, which left little time for crafting or blogging. I'm home for the next few months, and have a bunch of projects to tackle around my house that hopefully will be blog worthy. These are a few pictures from a boat ride we took in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 atop mirror

I recently removed a giant plant from next to the small settee in my front bedroom, and replaced with a side table and lamp instead. The new arrangement left the giant  Ikea Pax wardrobe mirrors feeling very open and bare, so I hung some art up atop the mirrored doors. I used 3m Command Strips to hold the framed embroidery pieces on the mirrored glass. I like how the art personalizes and obscures the look of the Pax.